Free Study Resources for Students

By Meghan Salamon

Schoolwork can be challenging, but there are ways to make your academic life easier. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite apps, websites, and extensions to help you make the most of your study time. Click the title of the resource for a link to its website.

Study Tools


Quizlet is a free studying resource that allows you to make virtual flashcard sets. These study sets can then be reviewed through the form of writing, listening, spelling, games, or practice tests. It is available on desktop and mobile devices. You can also look up other flashcard sets for the same class and use theirs. This is great for classes like Lifecycle Nutrition, Food Science, or any other course that has a similar curriculum no matter the school.


Kahoot is a great way to learn material in the form of a game. The program sets up multiple choice questions and allows you and a group of students to respond. Whoever answers the most questions correctly, wins. This is a fun way to study with friends for an exam.


StudyStack is an application that allows you to create flashcards and study them in the form of fun games. You are also able to search up other sets of flashcards that have already been created.


Grammarly is an internet browser extension and provides suggestions on how to improve your writing. The application checks your papers, emails, and written text for grammar and spelling errors. It goes beyond typical built-in word processing and will catch things like wordiness and weak adjectives.


MyHomework Student Planner

MyHomework is a great application that acts as a virtual planner/homework log. You can add in different classes, and at what times and days these classes meet. After this, you are able to add in homework, exams, presentations, and more, with its respective due date. It helps to keep track of all due dates in one place. It is available on desktop and mobile devices, with free and paid versions. (The paid version is just $5/year.)

Google Drive

Google Suite is a Swiss-army knife of an application, providing programs like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Meet, Google Plus, Google Maps, and so much more. It also contains Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which can be created and saved to a Google account and accessed on any computer.


Evernote is a program that allows you to manage tasks and take, organize, and archive notes. You are able to add drawings, diagrams, photographs, and more. It can be accessed on any computer, and you have the option of a free or paid version.

OneTab and TabCopy

There comes that point in every research paper where you have at least two dozen tabs open at once. These Chrome extensions help you manage those unruly tabs. OneTab will condense all of the tabs you have open into a single pop-up window with links that you can reopen later. TabCopy will copy all of the website links and page titles into a list that you can paste into a document (great for saving PubMed articles).

Online Learning

Khan Academy

While Khan Academy has limited resources on nutrition and dietetics, it is a great resource for science courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, and more. Khan Academy offers videos explaining concepts, fact sheets, and practice problems and tests.

Crash Course

Crash Course is an educational YouTube channel created and hosted by Hank and John Green. These brothers have created digestible, short educational videos from topics that range from psychology, history and politics, organic chemistry, physiology, astronomy, and much more. These videos are free and available on YouTube.


Looking to learn a new language for your semester abroad? Or maybe you want to be able to converse with patients in their first language! Duolingo offers free language tutoring in the form of lessons, quizzes, and stories. The website and app are free to use with ads, but can be used at a premium level for a fee. Duolingo has courses in over 30 languages.


Have you checked out A+ RD’s YouTube channel? We post study videos for nutrition and dietetics courses. Our collection is growing all the time, and we aim to have a full library for all dietetics courses. We also post all of the citations in our videos here on our website.


Marinara Timer

Marinara Timer is a productivity app that follows the Pomodoro method and sets timers to work in intervals of 25 minutes studying to 5 minutes break. After your fourth “Pomodoro,” you get a 15 minute break. This is a great application to keep yourself on track and focused.

Just Read

Just Read is a Chrome extension that blocks all of the pop-ups, ads, and other distracting formatting from a webpage so you can… just read. This is especially helpful when reading online newspaper articles and blogs – it will turn the page into a simple block of text.

StayFocusd and SelfControl

Do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook or taking Buzzfeed quizzes when you’re supposed to be studying? These extensions (StayFocusd for Chrome and SelfControl for Mac) will block you from opening the websites you get distracted by, for a set amount of time, so you can power through your work.